The Firm

For more than 25 years the Firm based its work on a shared vision: providing a high-quality professional service whilst maintaining a structure that enables the most experienced professionals to be involved directly with clients on an ongoing basis.

Established in 1990 by Giuseppe Camosci, Artemio Guareschi and Mario Piantanida, who had previously been partners at the main international tax and auditing company, over the years it has been joined by the current partners Paolo Paroli, Daniela Bruno, Roberto Brioschi and Enrico Fossa.

The Firm’s Rome office draws on the professional experience of Francesco Falcitelli, a barrister with a right of audience before the Court of Cassation, who has been a partner since 2015.

The Firm actually assists companies and partnerships in relation to tax and companies law issues and, thanks to its cooperation with professionals operating nationally and internationally, is able to offer its clients legal and tax assistance and advice.

It assists important national and international groups and businesses operating in the industrial, commercial, financial, real estate, large-scale retail and service sectors both in Italy and abroad, in addition to non-profit associations, providing solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each client.

All professionals from the Firm are involved on a daily basis in the analysis and detailed examination of the issues submitted by clients and in the preparation of solutions designed to address them.
Another defining characteristic of the Firm is the particular attention dedicated to being constantly up to date regarding issues of interest for local and international taxation.

Discretion and confidentiality are values for all members of the Firm, along with independence in the relations with other professional bodies, which has been built up over time. This enables the Firm to rely flexibly on a large network of experts in the law and tax fields working in Italy, Europe and the USA, and more recently also in Asia. Through this network, the Firm assists clients requiring advice on international legal and tax issues.

Professional areas

Tax area


The Firm provides ordinary and extraordinary tax consultancy concerning direct and indirect taxation.

Litigation area


The Firm has an impressive track record in the area of litigation.

Corporate area


The Firm has provided professional assistance in relation to significant restructuring and reorganisation operations.

Academic activity


The Firm’s partners have written articles which have been published in professional reviews.


Paolo Paroli

Graduate of the Bocconi University, Chartered Accountant since 1995; included in the Milan Professional Register.

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Daniela Bruno

Graduate of the Bocconi University, she has been licensed to practice as a Chartered Accountant since 1993. She is...

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Roberto Brioschi

Chartered Accountant, included in the Register of Chartered Accountants of Monza and Brianza, and official auditor.

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Enrico Fossa

Chartered Accountant in Milan included in the register of Auditors held by the Ministry of Justice.

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